Welcome To Farm Hill

At Farm Hill, we provide some insight into areas of farming across Ireland. Our blogs and articles aim to give farmers some knowledge and advice regarding animal welfare and health. Irish Farmers make such a large contribution to the Irish Economy.  Over 18,000 dairy farmers milk Ireland’s 1.35 million dairy cows. With a temperate climate, Irish dairy farmers can grow large quantities of grass over a long season. This advantage makes dairying the most profitable of Ireland’s mainstream agricultural enterprises.

The welfare of Dairy Cows is an important consideration for all farmers.  Using up to date research, advice and education services, Irish dairy farmers are among the most competitive on the world stage. 

Efficient pasture-based dairy farming is a balance between managing the pasture for maximum yield and managing the cow to maximize milk solids, production and reproduction. The Irish climate, while temperate, is highly seasonal. Grass growth follows a similar seasonal pattern with peak growth occurring in early summer.

Good cattle health is essential for good welfare but they are not the same thing.